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It is NOT pronounced Dye-go I was born in Spain and have this name. I don't care what other people think but it is NOT pronounced Dye-go. The name Diego is pronounced Dee-ay-go as well as being pronounced the same way in Spanish and English just with slightly different accents but it is NOT pronounced Dye-go.
― Anonymous User  10/26/2017
Well! I'm a linguist, and I was going to comment on how the pronunciation respelling "DYE-go" is confusing and misleading because of the English word "dye", but I see I'm hardly the first to do so.

However, I can offer a constructive suggestion. Change it to D. YE-go, and add in the Key that the period is sometimes used to prevent confusion with an irrelevant English word. That would probably also be useful elsewhere.

(I was going to suggest an apostrophe, but as soon as I typed it — D'YE-go — my inner voice said in a Scottish accent "D'ye go", as in "D'ye go there often, mon?" No, that wouldn't do either.)
Mark Mandel  2/3/2017
Dee-ay-go. I've NEVER heard anyone pronounce it as "Die-go" including Spanish native people.

That right there hould be enough proof for you. Its Dee-ay-go. Simple as that.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2016
Dee-AY-go is incorrect! That is how non Spanish speakers pronounce it. I am a Hispanic person that has grown up with plenty of Diegos, so I can confirm that the website has the correct two syllable pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2015
To English speakers, "dye" has the same pronunciation as "die." And the only Spanish word to have that "aye" sound is a meaningless expression of dismay. You may speak fast enough to slam two vowels into one syllable the way two cars in a head on collision slam together, but to us, two consecutive vowels that both make their own sound are considered separate syllables. Ergo, to speakers of enunciation-heavy languages like English, Diego is three syllables.
Atarah Derek  4/18/2016
What does it take to correct an error on this site? For ten years people have been telling you that the pronunciation of Diego isn't DYE-go; it's a three-syllable name, Dee-AY-go. But you still have it wrong. Please correct it. Having this blatant an error on your site makes people wonder if anything here can be relied on.
MelanieN  5/28/2015
These pages show the Spanish pronunciation as [ˈdjeɣo], which is the same as what this site shows currently
― Anonymous User  7/3/2015
I think a lot of people here are misinterpreting the pronunciation guide ("DYE-go") as "DIE-go". It is only in the "Spanglish" of the USA that this name is pronounced dee-AY-go. DYE-go is not like dye/die (homophones) plus go. It is D then Y as a consonant, E which (when said with the correct accent) can sound similar to AY, and then "go." I like this name, it's cute. It will always be associated with Dora the Explorer's friend/brother/cousin or whatever he is, though.
Bazinga  1/7/2012
I have only heard this pronounced de-AY-go.
― Anonymous User  12/23/2008
Diego is pronounced: De-AY-go.
Black Irish  6/26/2008
It's pronounced dee-AY-go.
earthnut  1/14/2007
This name is not pronounced Dye-go, it is pronounced Dee-ay-go.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2006
It's pronounced DYE-go! It's a Spanish name, and that's the way it's pronounced, not only in Spanish-speaking countries, but everywhere. Don't try to be smart about something you don't know or you've heard from some other (non-hispanic) Americans.
HellsAngel  12/3/2009

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