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Dina is pronounced Dee-nuh. This is an Indian name, completely separate from Dinah (Die-nuh).
ilovedogs2468  12/15/2004
It was the name of an ancient Jewish princess.
dina_vas  8/22/2005
The name Dina is also a Slavic name. It comes from the Slavic word for God (Gospod), from which the words Mr (Gospodin) and Mrs (Gospodina) come from. That's where Dina comes from. The namesday is on the 26 December.
dina_vas  8/22/2005
Dina is the only daughter of Jacob (later called Israel) and her brothers are the famous 12 leaders of the Jews. I think Dina is the same as Hinna (the mother of Mary the Virgin). Hope anyone better knows about this and can correct my information.
gus  12/26/2005
Dina is Hebrew for avenged.
Veronica Mikal  3/16/2007
Dina is also a Hindu name and is pronounced DEE-Nah or DEE-nuh as first stated and means Sympathetic.
Koolgal  4/8/2007
Dina is often short for names ending with Tina, even though it makes more sense just to use Tina.
― Anonymous User  9/18/2010
My name is Dina. I really like this name even if some people say I spell it wrong and I'm suppose to spell it Dena. It's a short and unique name. I'm arab and lots of Arabs have this name as well so this name doesn't have to be a Hebrew name only- it can be many language names. From all the sites I've checked they all said that the name means judged but others here have different thoughts so I really don't know what the actual meaning of my name is. Also, in Arabic it is written like this: دينا.
Dina21  12/15/2014
My name is Dina. I was informed it was Scandinavian, which is where my family is from. You can see it in the word scan-Dina-vian. The particular meanings behind the word are varied.
― Anonymous User  6/26/2015
Dina means "day" in Sanskrit.
Samantha Carter  10/28/2015

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