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Éimhín is an unusual name in Ireland. My parents named me Éimhín (I'm female and they and I know it's a boys name) after a trip to Mainistir Éimhín in Co. Kildare, which in English translates as Monasterevan. Éimhín was a monk (I'm not sure of the dates but I will post them when I get the book from downstairs but it would have been in Medieval Irish Times) who settled in Kildare and set up a monastery.

The closest English translation to the name is Evan. However I do not believe that there is an English translation of the name Éimhín because it is an Irish name, Evan is the closest translation to be found which derives from the Anglicised version of Mainistir Éimhín, Monasterevan.

This might not fit into the category but the pronunciation of Éimhín is a difficult one. I am a fluent Irish (Gaelic) speaker and pronounce my name as "Eh-veen" but because of the fada (the little line over the vowel) the "e" sound changes from the normal sound of e to "ay" and some may pronounce the name as "Ay-veen" which I believe is the incorrect way to pronounce it.
EimhinNiC  12/7/2008
Eimhin is a Catholic Saint dating back to the 13th century. A Monastery was built in 1260 AD by Dermot O'Dempsey in the town that is now called Monasterevin, near Portarlington in County Laois. St. Eimhin is the patron saint of the Dempsey Family. The monastery is gone, built over by another Monastery, the grounds remain however. There is the remains of the Castle Leghe near the town of Monasterevin that was the home of Dermot O'Dempsey during the time the Monastery was built.
sdempsey13  10/26/2013

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