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Pronounced AY-ra ('ay' as in 'bay') in North Wales, and EYE-ra in South Wales.
― Anonymous User  7/4/2006
The name wouldn't be mistook for Era or Error because they are pronounced completely different. Where I live, we pronounce the word snow as "Ay-Ra", with "Ay" as in "Bay".
DontDissMadison  2/8/2008
This name is pronounced as [AY-ruh]
SakiHeart  7/13/2012
My ex-neighbour Eira in Ceredigion, a Welsh-speaking area of coastal Wales, pronounces the first syllable to rhyme with EYE.
Just Jonquil  8/7/2014
This is my daughter's name and we pronounce it 'Ay-ra'. Although people correctly say that you will hear it pronounced 'Ay-ra' or 'Eye-ra' in Wales, where we are from, it was important to us that we got it right by Welsh speakers, not being Welsh speakers ourselves. We asked a lot of friends, colleagues and acquaintances whose first language was Welsh and they all pronounced it 'Ay-ra'. Both pronunciations are lovely though in my opinion.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2016

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