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The ancient historian Plutarch, in his Life of Numa (VIII.9-10), claimed that the meaning of the name "Aemilius" referred to an individual who spoke with grace and engaging charm. Aemilius was thus the additional name that King Numa bestowed upon his son Mamercus (named for a son of Pythagoras), and this name of Aemilius became the name of the patrician family of Rome descended from Mamercus.
Nanaea  6/17/2008
Perhaps the following definitions evolve from the idea that "Emil" means "rival" -- they actually do seem logical extensions to me.
Other meanings of "Emil"
1) The Latin family [gens] name -- Aemilius -- comes from the Latin word "aemulus", meaning "imitating, rivaling" [from] -- So this "rival" challenges the opponent by first trying to imitate and EMULATE.
2) Emil means “industrious” [from: < Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006] -- After imitating/emulating, the "rival" then works hard to supercede their opponent = working to gain the upper hand by being "industrious".
3) It's interesting to note that there is a major region in Italy called Emilia-Romagna (it was the destination of a major road from Rome heading North called the "via Emilia," because it was built by the Aemilius family living in that region -- see also Wikipedia's citiation for the town, "Reggio Emilia".]) It just so happens to be the "second richest region" in Italy (according to Wikipedia), proving that the name still inspires people to be successfully industrious!
4) Under the name "Emily," you also may want to note that it has been the most popular girls name in the US for over 10 years now.
ECW888  1/15/2007
Name of an old patrician family at Rome. Aemilia is also a gens. Also related to the name Aemilianus.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2006
Also, from the Teutonic (Old High German), meaning 'the industrious'.
em_fp  2/26/2006

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