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Enzo is basically not a French name even if it's popular in France, it's supposed to be only an Italian name.
― Anonymous User  2/9/2017
Enzo is not a French name, it is an Italian name used in France because of xenophilia. Its origin, its spelling and its pronunciation are visibly Italian. In French it would be "Ent" (short form of Vincent or Laurent). If French people want to use real French names, they are free to do it, but Enzo is Italian.
presentperfect  2/10/2009
This name is very often used to shorten the name Vincenzo, while the short form of Lorenzo is more often Renzo and not Enzo.
s.deluca  8/4/2007
Enzo comes from the Italian name Lorenzo. It is used as a pet name for people with this name. [noted -ed]
bollicina  4/30/2006

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