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This name can also (or more likely) find its origin in the Germanic/Norse word 'Ehre' which translates in English to 'Honor.' Combined with the Germanic/Norse word for king, 'Rik' (the origin of the subsequent German word 'Reich), 'Eric' means 'Honorable King.' This is a more probable origin/meaning, as the Germanic word for 'Ever' is not 'Ei, ' but 'Immer.'
searat  7/3/2006
Eric means "kingly", so I think this name really is connected to the word "king".
Evelyn---  8/1/2008
Three theories of origin:
1. [mentioned here] from "ever" + "ruler"
2. From "honor" + "ruler"
3. [unlikely] from "sole" + "ruler"

The first and the third would be from Old Norse. Apparently, only the second one can be reconstructed in Proto-Germanic, therefore after my deduction the German form 'Erich' can only come from the second theory because 'Erich' went through the High German consonant shift.

sennomo  1/15/2018

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