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This name is pronounced Est-raya.
FairyGirl  11/25/2006
Pronounced eh-Stray-ah.
silentjade  11/30/2008
Sorry, but Estrella is not pronounced Est-raya nor eh-Stray-ah. The CORRECT Spanish pronunciation of Estrella is Eh-streh-yah.
Elianita  12/15/2008
Sorry to tell you this Elianita, but silentjade was closer to the right idea. It's pronounced eh-STRAY-yah.

I think this name is gorgeous, by the way.
ubersnark  1/14/2009
The correct Spanish pronunciation is 'eh STRAY yuh' but I think people can pronounce it 'es STREL luh' if they want.
namesfan  8/15/2009
This name is said es-tray-a not es-trell-a and means star in Spanish.
iceskater735  10/29/2009

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