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The name is ancient Greek, derives from "Evangelos", an epithet of gods Zeus and Hermes.
Damis  6/27/2005
This name also means like an angel, or of an angel, in Greek only though. It is also the name of the lady who was attatched to death in a short story. I do forget the name though, good story it was despite my temporary idiocy.
Esophtia  1/5/2006
Longfellow biographer Charles Calhoun claims that Longfellow invented the name Evangeline for his poem, though others argue it was simply a very uncommon Acadian name. It was certainly not in wide use before "Evangeline"'s publication.
turabiannights  9/5/2006
I am pregnant, just in my first two, three months, but I need a unique and special name for my child; so I came across this site. I so much love the name Ebenezer for boys and Evangeline or Evangelina for girls. My husband is Greek, and I don't want to name my child any popular Greek name. So, I was thinking Evangelina will do just fine if my baby is a girl. My name is Angela which can also be called Angelliki in Greek, so I will really love a name close to my name for my baby girl. But if it is a boy, straight to Ebenezer.
Evangelina is one the cutest names to give a baby girl and with its unique meaning and some nice abbreviation, she will be proud of her parents giving her the name later as she grows to understand the meaning of her name.
angelliki  6/21/2015

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