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Evelyn is, IMO, a beautiful name, but is rare and "old-fashioned" in that it was popular in the early 20th century. There was a popular song of the 1940's about "heavenly Evelyn."
In the U.S., I've only heard it pronounced Ev-Lin or Ev-A-Lin. In the UK, it is pronounced both Ev-A-Lin and Eve-A-Lin. Personal preference, apparently. Also in the UK, it can be a female OR male name. On a British TV episode ("Foyle's War") I heard different actors refer to a woman named Evelyn Green using both the "Eve" and the "Ev" pronunciations. Curious.
JeffHanna  7/17/2014
In the UK, we pronounce it as Eev-lin, or Eevelin, not Evlin. Sort of like its component parts, Eve & lyn.
lunettarose  10/18/2010
I have a Spanish-speaking friend with this name, though she pronounces it Ev-a-leen.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2009
This name could also be pronounced with an "ee" sound at the beginning, Ee-veh-lynn or even Eve-lynn (like Eve and Lynn together). It´s getting a little bit popular, but it´s pretty.
Destry  4/15/2005

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