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Pronounced either FEH-lahn or FAY-lawn.
Rosethorn08  4/18/2006
I'm not certain, but from what I have learned about Gaelic pronunciation 'ao' makes an 'ee' sound and 'Á' with an accent over it would make an 'aw' sound. So wouldn't Faolan be pronounced fee-lawn?
Arieanne  9/14/2007
I would pronounce it in a Japanese type of way. Like "FAHW-LAHN" Example: FAHW as in the way you'd say "Ow!". This will be my son's name, in the future of course!
NiftySasha  5/10/2011
This name is pronounced "FWAY-lin" according to
SakiHeart  9/23/2011
I've heard that it's said 'Fwee-lin'.
foreverslowly  4/4/2013
LMS  5/16/2016
My fifth son's name is Faolán. We pronounce the name FAY LYNN. It is quite unique and he never has anyone make fun of his name! His middle name is Tadhg... pronounced TIGE. Like tiger without the "r".
mtbjake  10/1/2016
I pronounce the name Fa-o-lan and I show you the separated syllables.
― Anonymous User  9/18/2017

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