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Although Floriaan is the authentic, native Dutch form (originally, Latin names ending in -ianus always became -iaan in Dutch), it is not used as often in The Netherlands as Florian. Floriaan is rare nowadays, whereas Florian is fairly popular and has been steadily gaining in popularity since the early '80s. In fact, in 2011 the name Florian was at its most popular ever: that year, 119 newborn boys were given this name.

As such, 'Dutch' should also be listed in the 'Usage' section for this name. :)
Lucille  10/11/2012
Personally, I named my son Florian since it's unique and also one of few names that sounds the same in the various languages of our family. With very common names ourselves, we also wanted to avoid our son running into the situation of having the same name as multiple classmates or coworkers and also not too strange or unpronounceable.

Interestingly "Florian" still carries a lot of different stigma - but not the same ones as for English speakers(floral, feminine, girly?). For example, for my Czech family, it's a common family (last) name and sounds odd to them as a first name. The Belgian part of the family likes "Florian" but find it outdated... wasn't it popular in 1920's-40's :) they say? Then the French Canadian branch ironically find the name a bit too snobby and European sounding.

Apparently the name "Florian" will always have a hard time.
Mind you its overly popular in Austria, Poland, perhaps Denmark and elsewhere etc!

Anyway, I like it, plus it has the great nickname of "Flo"
Aurora-2  2/22/2018

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