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Judy Garland was an actress/singer, best known for her portrayal of Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz."
breakofday  12/22/2005
Cap Garland was a classmate of the author Laura Ingalls Wilder. He is mentioned in her later Little House books, appearing in The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, and These Happy Golden Years.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  6/25/2006
During the late 1700's, there was an infamous Irish family of assassins bearing the last name Garland. They were banished later that century.
ChesLyn  1/16/2009
Garland is the primary antagonist of the original Final Fantasy game.
jbr1234  1/11/2013
Major Garland Briggs is a character from the tv series Twin Peaks.
circelana  1/1/2017

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