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Beware the American mispronunciation of this beautiful name: JENNA-VEEV.
-- Monsieur_Lapin  7/7/2005
The way I pronounce the French way of saying Genevieve is the way you say 'Jean' in French and then VYEV. I'm pretty sure that's right.
-- genadiva  1/1/2006
My two friends who have the name Genevieve pronounce it jenna-veev. I was surprised to find it was actually a mispronunciation, but I guess they like it that way.
-- Anonymous User  8/15/2006
I don't think there is a "correct" or "incorrect" pronunciation. It's simply pronounced differently in different languages, as most names are, and parents have a choice as to whether they'll use the French or English pronunciation. Either way it's a beautiful name!
-- glukumalon  9/10/2006
All the South African Genevieves I've ever known have used a "JEN a veev" pronunciation; one of them was nicknamed Jenny. Not much French is taught here; same with the USA, no doubt. Same with Why-vonny (which is rare) and Helloiz, and Charl for a man to prevent the -es from being sounded!
-- Anneza  3/22/2007
This was my first grade teacher's name. She wasn't French, so I guess she pronounced it the American way: JENNA-VEEV.
-- Anonymous Blogger  11/3/2007
There seems to be some odd argument over how this name should be pronounced, though I would remind the readers that Anglophones do not speak French.

The name should be pronounced as [dʒɛnəvi:v] in English or as [ʒɛ:nəvjɛv] in French. I think that both are beautiful names, but also that it is really quite silly to argue over them.

If you wish to complain about the IPA symbols I use, please note that I am not spelling English words and need them to transcribe sounds that do not exist in English at all.
-- Bastien Rosier  3/11/2008
Pronounced in England, America and Australia/New Zealand as "Jen-ah-veeve". Nickname is spelled Gennie.
-- PBMA  6/2/2008
It is a French name in origin. In French, it is pronounced j-aw-v-ee-ev.
-- Anonymous User  6/18/2008
My old neighbor and her daughter were named Genevieve, but they pronounce it JEN-ah-veev.
-- Clytemnestra  6/16/2009
Well I think any pronunciation sounds good as long as it's not pronounced by an asian living in Asia! I've got people calling me “jennabee”, “jenabebe”, “jennavee” and the worst... January.
-- lmfjiang  12/16/2015

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