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John Keats revised a poem he'd written as a very young man which he'd addressed to "dearest Emma", and replaced this with "Georgiana". So it must have four syllables, with stresses on the first and third, otherwise the metre doesn't work out. And Keats would not have made that kind of mistake.
Anneza  5/18/2007
I hear British people pronounce this name "George-ain-uh". I have also heard it pronounced "Georgi-anna" as well. (Which I personally think sounds better.)
RachelLee  11/19/2008
Pronounced [jawr-jee-an-uh]
GEORGIANA  12/17/2008
I pronounce it "George-ee-ah-nah".
Clockwork  6/17/2009
This name can be pronounced JORJ-AN-a, JORJ-AHN-nah, JAWR-jee-AN-a, or JAWR-jee-AHN-nah. All are correct :)
― Anonymous User  5/10/2011

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