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Georgina is a one of the girls in the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. She goes by George since she'd rather be a boy.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2005
In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Mr. Darcy's little sister's name is Georgina, a well accomplished girl with excellent piano playing skill.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2006
Actually, Mr. Darcy's sister in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was called Georgiana, not Georgina.
KrisMichelle  4/19/2007
"Harry Potter" actor Rupert Grint has a younger sister named Georgina. Rupert has two more younger sisters, Charlotte and Samantha, and a younger brother, James.
Pheadirean  5/24/2006
English-Czech actress Georgina Bouzová, born 1st June 1976, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey, England, UK. Her surname is pronounced "boh-zaw-va:".
MaggieSimpson  8/12/2009
Georgina Evelyn France Gaskin (1866-1934) was a British Jeweller.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2011
A fictional bearer of this name is Georgina Worsley from the British TV series Upstairs Downstairs.
shadow1999  7/22/2013
I think one of Charlie's grandmothers was names Georgina in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2013
Georgina Helen "Georgie" Henley is an English actress, best known for her portrayal of Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia film series.
― Anonymous User  11/22/2014
I love my name. And I wanted to mention that mother of great scientist Nikola Tesla was named Georgina :)
georgina  11/17/2015
Georgina "Gigi" Radics is a Hungarian singer of Romani descent who is best known for participating in A Dal 2013 and 2014.
cutenose  5/30/2016
Georgina Rizk is a Lebanese model, socialite and beauty queen who is best known as being Lebanon's first and so far only Miss Universe. She is currently a main beauty pageant judge for the Miss Lebanon contest and is the current wife of Lebanese singer and actor Walid Toufic.
cutenose  1/20/2017
Georgina Rodriguez is a Spanish model known for dating Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
cutenose  2/15/2017

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