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A bearer of *my* [yours too though] name is

• Isaac Bruce Rams Player, Pro Bowl in 1996, 99, 2000, 2001. Led League in receiving yards in 1996.
itsnotissac  6/2/2018
Isaac Burton Tigrett is an American businessman, best known as the co-founder of Hard Rock Café and House of Blues. Isaac Tigrett belonged to a well-to-do business family and was raised in Jackson, Tennessee until the age of fifteen. He is an alumnus of Centre College, which later gave him an honorary degree for promoting African American culture and racial harmony.
cutenose  5/30/2017
A fictional bearer of this name is Isaac (known as Robin in Japan), the main protagonist of Nintendo's 'Golden Sun' series.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2015
Isaac is a character in the movie based on the book of the same called 'The Fault In Our Stars'.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2015
Isaac is the main character in the game The Binding of Isaac, where he flees into a basement after his mother tries to kill him. "Isaac" means "he laughs", but ironically, Isaac is crying. Not exactly famous, but still an interesting fact. :>
― Anonymous User  12/21/2013
There is a character named Isaac in the movie Cloud Atlas, played by Hugh Grant.
― Anonymous User  8/3/2013
Isaac Clark is the main protagonist in the Dead Space video game series!
lakin5  3/4/2013
Isaac Cline (1861-1955) was an American meteorologist who became famous for the deadly Galveston Hurricane of 1900.
― Anonymous User  9/8/2012
Hurricane Isaac was a weak but destructive hurricane that hit the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast of the United States in August 2012.
― Anonymous User  8/30/2012
Isaac Hanson is the "ugly one" from the early 90's boy band Hanson.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2011
Isaac Dian is the name of a character in the anime/manga/novel series Baccano.
missmarlenesinclair  5/7/2010
Famous bearers: all the students, past and present, of the University of Cape Town.

When UCT was founded, there was an Afrikaans-medium university in a small town near by - the University of Stellenbosch. And you don't get many, if any, Jews who speak Afrikaans. That meant that UCT had what some people perceived as a disproportionately Jewish student body, so the students were given what people also perceived as a typically Jewish nickname: Ikey, short for Isaac. We all wear it proudly, including the growing numbers of Muslim students.
Anneza  5/2/2010
Sir Isaac Newton was an English mathematician and physicist, considered the greatest single influence on theoretical physics until Einstein.
― Anonymous User  1/5/2010
Isaac Allerton was one of the most prominent people to arrive at Plymouth Colony on "The Mayflower" in 1621. He was a fool with money but a hard worker.
EmilyOlive  7/18/2008
The most famous Isaac is the son of Abraham, who -- at God's command -- is willing to kill his son. An ugly story. One of my grandfathers was named Isaac. Even if you thought it was God's command, why be willing to kill an innocent child?
Arnwald  1/10/2008
This is Jimmy Neutron's middle name on the Nickelodeon show.
Evil  7/26/2007
Clarke Isaac Hanson is one of the singers in the band Hanson.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2007
Isaac Brock is the lead singer of Modest Mouse.
mymymetrocard  4/11/2007
An appropriate name for Isaac Asimov, who wrote several books on humor, and who loved to laugh.
― Anonymous User  2/16/2007
To build on the anonymous user of February 16, 2007,

Asimov was also a professor of biochemistry at the Boston University School of Medicine, a polymath in the educational field, a very influential science fiction writer who wrote about the Three Laws of Robotics, the original Galactic Empire and subsequent Foundations, and other such classics, and a nonfictional writing master.

Overall, a very intellectual name either way.
Amedee Lupien  8/24/2015
One of the main characters on the television show Heroes is Isaac.
jmacsgurl1991  12/30/2006
Isaac was the name of the main adolescent baddie in the 80s horror flick Children of the Corn. He was the freaky little black haired kid with the scary weird voice. (His right hand boy was Malachi -- another *great* name with a terrible reputation due to this movie.)

It certinly isn't a diffficult association to overcome, but conjures bad Nebraskan corn-field memories for those of my generation. ((chuckles))

Otherwise a strong, solid choice. I love it, personally.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2006
I'm not a very big fan of this name, but the lead singer in The Fray is named Isaac. I saw them in concert and got my picture with him. They are an amazing band.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2006
Singer Isaac Hayes is a famous bearer, known from singing the theme from "Shaft" and as the voice of Chef on South Park.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2005
Chris Isaak is a famous rock musician.
breakofday  12/7/2005

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