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If you study Hebrew, or the bible - it's quite the compliment. I was always impressed with Jael, obviously being smart and strong and stood for her convictions. What I really like is how the ibex can move across cliffs - not that our paths will be smooth, but that our feet would be like an ibex.
― Anonymous User  6/25/2016
The name, depending on the Hebrew spelling, is derived from the Hebrew Yah/Jah "God" and El "Lord" meaning "God is Lord".
― Anonymous User  6/19/2012
The general that Jael killed was from the Assyrian army, not the Caananite.
nettyredone  9/28/2006
I don't think so. Judges 4, 2 specifically says that Sesira (whom Jael killed eventually) was the commander of Canaanite king Jabin's army. No mention of Assyria as far as I can tell.
HanaB  3/30/2011

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