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Jayla is a feminine variant of the name Jay, which may derive from Hebrew and mean 'God will protect', or from the Sanskrit meaning 'victory' or from the Greek meaning 'to heal'.
― Anonymous User  12/24/2015
Jayla is not an English name. It's origin is Hebrew and biblical. The correct spelling for the name is Jaala. A "h" can be added at the ending of the name, thus the spelling Jaalah. The name can be found in both Ezra and Nehemiah. According to scripture Jaala was one of the servants of Solomon.
sanginsista  9/14/2006
Jayla is definitely not a Hebrew name. Jaala and Jaalah might be Hebrew names but they wouldn't be pronounced like Jayla. Pronounced in Hebrew it wouldn't even sound close to Jayla.

Jayla is made up. A combination of Jay and the popular suffix -la- probably influenced by the name Kayla. It's just a trendy name without a real meaning even though you might say it means the same as Jay."

I think it's ugly and trashy and it sounds like the word "jail".
Lily8  11/12/2008

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