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Well some say it could come from Jocelyn. Which I can see. It could be a variant. But based on the pronunciation it makes more sense if it is Jasmine plus Lynn. It is pronounced (jazz-lynn), Jas in Jasmine is also pronounced Jazz. So I believe it to be this.

It is probably the English version of FLOWERY LAKE. Jasmine the flower and Lynn means lake. Add the two contents together and you flowery lake. Does that make sense? I am just thinking out loud haha lol!
― Anonymous User  7/24/2008
Another site had this to say about the name Jaslyn and Jazlyn:
English Modern variant of Jasmine; combination of Jocelyn and the musical term 'jazz'.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2008
Jazlyn - a modern day variant of Jocelyn. Jocelyn was a male name in medieval times then later adopted as a female name. Jazlyn is English and means Joy.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2008
Another site did claim that this name was English for Joyful. I am assuming they are using that meaning due to the fact this name is a combination of Jocelyn which also means joyful. This name also is the combination of Jasmine.

Honestly this name has multiple names within it. Jasmine, Jocelyn, Lynn and Jazz. Jazz or Jazzy would be a cute nickname. But I can see why the other site claims Jaslyn or Jazlyn is English for Joyful.

I think it is a beautiful name combined with many beautiful names and has a beautiful meaning to it.
― Anonymous User  9/16/2008
Jazlyn means "jasmine lake" or "jazz lake". Lyn comes from Welsh and means "lake" and Jaz either comes from the name Jasmine which comes from Arabic meaning "jasmine" or from the word Jazz.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2014

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