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Ok, guys! Jenny does not come from Jennifer or Jane or whatever you have written here. The origin of the name is from the Greek name Eugene which means a person who is noble and kind.
It goes like this: The feminine variant of Eugene is Eugenia or Eugénie. Eugenia in Russian becomes Yevgeny or Jevgeny. The nickname of Jevgeny is Geny or Gene or Genni or Jenni and so on...
Mrslikable  4/3/2016
Jenny means 'white wave.'
― Anonymous User  8/9/2006
Jenny doesn't mean 'white wave,' Jennifer does. Jenny is just a nickname for Jennifer or Jane, so I guess it means whichever original version you use.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2007
Jenny has also been used as a nickname for Johanna. As in the famous singer Jenny Lind in the 19th century.
Ylva  10/11/2005
The meaning of the name Jenny is soft and white. The origin is Celt.
jennypendragon  9/6/2005

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