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Jesus is not God's name, Jesus is the name of his son, at least it is in the Bible which I'm familiar with.
― Anonymous User  9/8/2007
In original Hebrew Jesus's name is Yeshua.
savannaha1207  6/28/2009
This is not an opinion or guess, this is what the Bible says.
Matthew 1:21 (New King James Version)
21 And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for He will save His people from their sins.”
So yes Jesus means savior, but Yehshua is related to Joshua but it doesn't directly come from it.
l34hpink  12/8/2009
The Greek and Aramaic form of Jesus derive from the Greek word: ΙΑΣΟΝ (Jason) which means in Greek: the person who heals. We find this word as second component also in the English word: disease > dis-ease = bad healing.
georgev1112  9/14/2011
The English name came as many from a mistake. The Bible was first printed in Germany. When it was translated into English the name remained in the german form. So Jesus Should have been translated Iesus since J is pronounced as I in german.
Ps: usually the simplest solution is the correct one;
nightcrawlercyp  5/22/2013
The original Hebrew name is Yahshua and can be proven. It means Yahweh is salvation. Yah for Yahweh, shua for salvation. He came in his Father's name as written in John 5th chapter. Joshua was originally Yahshua as well. Same pronunciation as Joshua, except since there was no J in the Hebrew language, and because of the mistranslated of changing the y to an I and eventually to a j, it became Joshua. Joshua was not the name given by the creator, Yahshua was, both with Moses and when born from Mary.
justdiscerning  11/13/2014
Jesus and Joshua are the same name as Jacob and James; the only difference is about tradition. It's a mistake to consider all of them different names: they are simply variations of a single Hebrew name.
Jake Fax  7/18/2016

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