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HISTORY OF MY NAME, JETTA: My grandmother's name was written "Congetta," the English spelling of her Sicilian name, Concetta, by Texans who didn't know how to spell it in the 1890s. My brother was named after my grandfather and I after my grandmother. My parents changed the "'g" to J to match the J in my older brother's name, "Joseph" (for Guiseppi).
jaect1947  8/27/2014
Jetta is a *short form* (not a diminutive) of Henrietta (not Henriette). The proper short form for Henriette would be Jette, you see - please see the Submitted Names Database for my entry on Jette.

Also, the Dutch pronunciation of Jetta is: YET-tah. [noted -ed]
Lucille  6/9/2010

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