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My name is Oshea and it comes from the name Joshua. It is in the bible Numbers Ch. 13. Joshua had another name and Moses changed it after he and Caleb returned from the Land of Canaan.
omnik  9/17/2005
Look I've read what everyone has to say and you all fight about its popularity, no one knows anything really about the name, one person said "Mary the mother of Jesus called him Joshua". Not true! In those days it was popular to give children 2 names a Greek name and a Hebrew name. Jesus had 2 names. Jesus is Greek for Yeshua (Hebrew) and Jesus' second name is Emanuel which is Hebrew which means 'God with us'. Joshua means 1 of 2 things 'God is my salvation' and/or 'Savior'. When you name your kid that, that what he becomes, it who he is, you're proclaiming it over him every hour of his life, it completely affects who he becomes, every name does that, that is why you should choose your child's name carefully!
Ghostman  3/15/2011
Just thought this would be enlightening...

Joshua is a Biblical given name derived from the Hebrew Yehoshua (יהושע). Although it is often etymologized as related to the root for "salvation," e.g. as "Jehovah rescues" or "Jehovah is salvation"., [1][2][4] the form of the word does not support this etymology. It is more likely Yeho-Shua, "YHWH's gift," with the same second element as Malki-Shua (1 Sam. 14:49), Bat-Shua (1 Chron. 3) and Avishua (1 Chron. 5:31).
TheCourtneyDayle  7/15/2013
From Joshua... Yahoshua. Yahoshua you will find means that Yahweh will be Salvation. For when He in the OT was Moses Minister He was not yet in the saving business they made sin offerings. When He came through the loins of Mary it was then He came to save mans souls as Yahoshua the Messiah.
Thank you for your consideration for we must share that which has been given or we too are found in error.
tjsunrise  10/12/2013
Related names: Jeshua, Elisha.
Sabertooth  8/15/2014
In response to Sabertooth: Elisha is not a similar name to Joshua. Elisha is a variation of Elijah, a completely seperate name from Joshua.
LMS  10/11/2014
@LMS, No it doesn't. Elijah comes from "אֱלִיָּהוּ" means "My God is Yahweh", while Elisha comes from "אֱלִישַׁע" and means "My God is salvation" (which, in defense of Sabertooth, the same meaning as Joshua). 5 second of research is all that needed.
Ali Hassan  12/20/2014
Joshua in Arabic is "يوشع"‎ (Yusha).
― Anonymous User  8/24/2014
Joshua (Yusha) is referred to in the Qur’ān and recoginised by Muslims as one of the believing spies similar to Christian belief.
― Anonymous User  8/24/2014
The name biblically means God is the king.
joshua muchui  2/28/2018

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