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Just a comment concerning the meaning being "woman from Judea". Judith was the name of one of Esau's wives in the Old Testament of the Bible. This means that the name is much older than the Kingdom of Judea, since Esau was the brother of Jacob, who was the father of the twelve patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Israel, including Judah.
So the original meaning of the name could not have been "woman from Judea", since the name was clearly in use BEFORE there WAS a place called Judea.
BlueSomehow  8/29/2007
Actually Judith (Yiddish: Yehudit) means "praised" or "jewess".
pocketwatch  9/24/2007
This name does not mean 'woman of Judea' - it was used prior to the region being called Judea and was used on a Hittite woman. Judith is related to the name Judah and means 'praise'.
ElizainEngland  11/23/2007
The meaning "woman from Judea" probably came from the meaning "jewess," seeing as Judea was a Jewish homeland later on. I think this is a beautiful name, and I like names that have a strong women behind them!
britto08  3/18/2009
Judith as a name has the the same meaning as Jude or Judah. The original meaning of Judah in Hebrew is: the praise of the Lord; confession - according to Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary.

In the New Testament Epistle of Jude, the name Jude is written as follows:

In the New Testament, when the name Judah is written in Greek, and refers to the tribe of Judah - Judah is written as follows:

In the original Old Testament story of the birth of the baby Judah, it is said that the baby's mother, Leah, named the baby Judah - and then said: "Now will I praise the LORD." (Genesis 29:35)

In Hebrew, Judah is written as follows:

Although It IS possible, I guess, to name a girl baby Jude - especially if the baby's birth meant that the family believed: "Now will I praise the Lord," it should be noted that Judith is the feminine form of Judah - and also means The praise of the Lord - or Confessing the praise of the Lord.

Judith was a brave widow who saved her countrymen by tricking a foreign leader and then getting rid of him - permanently. The Book of Judith is included in some Bibles but is excluded from most Protestant and Jewish canons. Mainly because many of the "historical" details contained in the book have never been verified. Therefore, there is some difference of opinion as to whether to book of Judith relates a factual occurrence - or was just a story which gained popularity during that time period. Whether historical or not - I would think that a little girl could easily feel honored to carry the name of Judith.

Genesis 26:34 ALSO mentions a woman named Judith who was married to Esau, the twin brother of Jacob and, therefore, the daughter-in-law of Isaac and Rebekah.

In Hebrew, the name Judith is written as follows:

However, whether you render the name as Jude, Judas, Judah or Judith - the ORIGINAL meaning of the name remains the same - Praise the Lord or Confessing a praise of the Lord -- "Now will I praise the Lord."
Deborah Reyes  4/23/2009
This is also used as a feminine form of the name "Judah" meaning "Praise." That's the meaning I was named for.
judygal86  7/11/2011
I was told it means (Judith) one who praises God.
JudithLynn  8/25/2011
This name should be listed in the category 'Books of the Bible', like the names Genesis, Esther, and Amos. Though some Bibles omit this book, it is included in the Catholic Bible.
cdawg  12/2/2017

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