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Voice-Over Actress Kari Wahlgren bears this name, and it's pronounced like "sorry."
Ayame77  10/29/2005
Kari is the teenage babysitter in the animated film "The Incredibles."
breakofday  12/21/2005
Actress Kari Wuhrer bears this beautiful name.
ASH  1/14/2006
Kari Byron, from Mythbusters, has this name (though I think she pronounces it like 'Carrie'.) This is also the name of one of the girls from Digimon: Digital Monsters, and is taken from her original Japanese name, 'Hikari'.
Iridosmine  10/26/2006
Kari Sundgren is the enormously likeable main character of Susan Runholt's Kari and Lucas series (beginning with "The Mystery of the Third Lucretia").
EmilyOlive  5/6/2008
Christian singer Kari Jobe bears this name. She is so talented and amazing!
_0TophasNails_1  11/24/2009
Kari is one of the characters on the popular Japanese manga TV series Digimon: Digital Monsters.
emilydominko  6/25/2012
Kari Ann Peniche Williams is an actress and entertainer from Fairview, Oregon. She has held the Miss Oregon Teen USA and Miss United States Teen titles. She was stripped of the latter title after appearing nude in the November 2004 issue of Playboy magazine.
cutenose  5/31/2017

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