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Famous bearer: Kelsey Grammer (male!)
Sera M.  10/7/2005
Kelsey was the name of Wile E. Coyote in the Looney Tune comics.
― Anonymous User  11/18/2006
Kelsey Ann McCaughey is one of the McCaughey septiplets. She is the third eldest of the seven siblings. Her parents aren't close but she and her brothers and sisters are coming awful close to being famous without being in a movie or being a singer!
Patricia Underwood  3/23/2008
Producer Peter Demskiy and Lisa MArie Schröder have a daughter/son Kelsey Demskaya/Demskiy, born 1992.
Emilie007  8/30/2008
Kelsey is the name of a song by Metro Station. It's a beautiful song, and it was the song that actually made me fall in love with the name.
happymandy  2/21/2009
Russian-American producer Peter Douglas and Lisa Marie Schröder have a son Kelsey Demskiy, born 1992.
MaggieSimpson  10/11/2009
Kelsey Patterson (1954-2004). An African-American man who was convicted of murder and executed by the state of Texas, despite being mentally ill.

His last words before being executed were:

"Statement to what. State what. I am not guilty of the charge of capital murder. Steal me and my family's money. My truth will always be my truth. There is no kin and no friend; no fear what you do to me. No kin to you undertaker. Murderer. [Portion of statement omitted due to profanity] Get my money. Give me my rights. Give me my rights. Give me my rights. Give me my life back."
keepitreal  1/7/2011
Kelsey A Begaye from Arizona was the 5th President of the Navajo Nation (served 1999-2003), a member of the Democrat party and a Christian pastor.

He was elected on a platform of moral values.
keepitreal  1/7/2011
One Tree Hill star Kelsey Chow bears this name. I can't believe no one mentioned her before me.
ebenezer_scrouge  9/19/2011

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