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Kokoro Terada is a Japanese child actor and TV personality.
cutenose  6/24/2017
Kokoro Amano is an AV Idol and glamour model who starred in adult videos between 2001 and 2004. She worked mainly for Soft On Demand and Moodyz.
cutenose  2/18/2017
Kokoro Tanaka, formerly "Kazutada" Tanaka, is a Japanese voice actor. In his case, the usage is masculine.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2013
Kokoro is the name of a novel written by Japanese author Natsume Soseki.
Buneary  3/26/2013
The Japanese fighting game, Dead or Alive, features a young girl named Kokoro. Kokoro is a geisha in training, and she debuted in Dead or Alive 4.
xsai  11/26/2011
This is the name of a character off the manga and anime Aishiteruze Baby.
LucyHugh  5/17/2008

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