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Usage: Hebrew
Variant: Laila, Leila, Leala, Lela (Hebrew)
Other languages: Laila (Hebrew)

The name Laila originated from Hebrew. Meaning of the name Laila in Hebrew means "Dark Beauty".
lealajew  5/28/2016
Laila means "night" in Hebrew.
Jonquil  8/22/2008
Laila is also a Saami and Finnish girl's name. It is either a form of the Finnish name Aila or from the Arabic name Leila. Laila is pronounced LIE-lah in Sweden and Finland.
Ylva  9/5/2005
I'm originally from the Middle East and my name is Laila! It literally means night in Arabic but once when I was twelve my older cousin came up to me and said that my name is the period between soberness and drunkeness. I ran to my mother wanting an explanation and she said that Laila has figurative meanings that relate to the night, including lust, passion, and with that, the consuming of wine. It's a very romantic name; the Arabic version of Romeo & Juliet is based on Laila and her lover, Qais. Of course, don't forget the many English, Arabic, even Indian songs that have the name Laila in it!
― Anonymous User  7/1/2005
Laila (lie-lah) means "night" in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  2/13/2005

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