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Origin: from Swahili, meaning "favourite one".
jaycravn  3/12/2017
It's just pretentious phony Afro-Babble.
No such word in Hebrew or any other language with a written alphabet.
no-bs  12/22/2015
Despite the media’s negative connotations, the name LaKeisha has only positive denotations (e.g., happy, joyous, she who lives, she who is alive). For the record, my name is LaKeisha. However, many, including male WASPs, salute me as Dr. Jones. Thus, I am the epitome of my name AND my title.

*We each have our own minds. Choose this day to think and know the truth for yourselves.
lljones1981  10/3/2014
Actually Lakeisha is a Swahili name meaning "the favorite one".
Bjella  9/1/2012

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