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Not only do I bear this name but I also know that it has an Irish Gaelic origin that means "The Light of the Sun".
LirCaerdwyn  2/17/2005
History also contends that a meaning of this name is "cow." Note that the name Rachel, Leah's sister means "Ewe," or female sheep. Leah was considered less than pretty. She is descibed as having "small eyes," while Rachel is preferred in appearance.
Eddleman  11/19/2005
Many people think the name Leah means Cow, Ewe, or Weary when in fact I have always known it to mean "Contented One."
may1787  8/5/2006
Webster's New World College Dictionary (4th Ed.) says Leah means "gazelle." My bible program says it means "weary." The "Oxford Dictionary of First Names" says Leah means "languid." Since Leah's sister, Rachel, has the meaning "ewe," "gazelle" seems likely to me. It really doesn't matter, though. Leah is a beautiful name.
Elena  8/11/2006
I also wanted to add that my bible program also says Leah means "gazelle." I suppose it's one of those names (like Mary, Katherine) whose meaning no one really knows for sure.
Elena  8/11/2006
I commented earlier on Leah's meaning. Since then, I did some more research. One of the sites I checked into was a Jewish one. It said that while Leah may mean "weary" in Hebrew (for she "wearied" of being married because her younger sister was so beautiful), Leah was really named in Chaldees - not in Hebrew - and the Assyrian use of that name means "mistress" of the manor or "ruler."
Elena  11/16/2006
Might it have a connection to the Old English for "meadow"?
earthnut  1/17/2007
No there is no way they are connected. Leah is from ancient Hebrew- much too early and much too far away!
ZoeAliza  11/19/2010
I heard somewhere that this name means "to weep", but I'm not sure whether that is true or not. I've never heard it anywhere else.
scarletquillraven  1/30/2007
Someone mentioned that the meaning of Leah includes "little eyes" but there is some debate over what "little eyes" actually means. Some theologists and linguists say that it could very possibly mean that she had weak eyes, not small. Weak eyes meaning she was perhaps blind or did not have perfect sight. I believe most versions of the Bible do not use the actual term "little eyes."
― Anonymous User  7/24/2007
Interestingly, in the Bible, Leah was the mother of Judah, who is an ancestor of Jesus. And if you read Genesis carefully, you'll find that Jacob held Leah in very high regard. I've read also that Leah from Genesis was not ugly (which one automatically assumes when reading that Jacob loved Rachel because she was beautiful) - the Hebrew apparently can be interpreted to mean that Leah just had weak eyes.
edenrowe  12/28/2007
In the Bible, Leah was the first wife of Jacob, and the older sister of Rachel. When God saw that Jacob did not love her as much as Rachel, he blessed Leah by giving her many children. Through her son Judah, she is one of the ancestors of Jesus Christ. It is thought that Jacob eventually grew to love and respect Leah, and the two were buried in the same tomb together.
ningyorose  3/26/2009
Beautiful name that works well on a little girl or mature adult. Reminds me of someone sweet, fun loving, and adorable. Yes, it means weary, but what successful person isn't weary? Leah is a hard worker who doesn't rest on her laurels.
Also has great historical significance. In the bible, Jesus is the descendent of Leah's tribe.
twobuttons  1/4/2014
Biblical name: Hebrew origin, meaning "Gazelle" which is "beauty and grace", "also worthy cow" as in the biblical days cows were very valuable and treasured.
― Anonymous User  3/19/2014
Leah is my name.. Yes, one of the meanings is "weary". But nobody has actually looked at why it means weary. If you know the Bible story of Leah and Jacob, there is a part at the end that says "she cried so much she made God weary with her tears". That is probably not an exact quote, but you get the drift. I like my name, growing up there were hardly any Leah's about, but now it is much more popular.
Middle Willow  7/16/2014
Leah is the old name of Assyria! That's the oldest name on earth, 30, 000 yrs. It is not Italian or Greek, Hebrew or Persian!... Everything is a LIE in a christian world.. Everything comes from Assyria/Akkadia also the holy mother Maria (Mother of the Arians=Maa'Aria), she was kidnapped in Ariana/Assyria by the Greeks in ancient times.
profawsime  10/23/2017

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