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Lena is also a nickname for Caroline/Carolina, especially in German. Pronounced either Lay-nuh or Lee-nuh.
Pumpkin243  5/17/2005
Can mean "Temptress" or "Illustrious".
Bastets_Child  1/26/2006
I've been told that the name Lena originated from Hebrew, and means "illustrious".
Lena Is A Secret  9/13/2006
"Lena" could be a short form of "Marlena", "Milena", "Miglena", "Elena", "Alena", "Galena".
iva_toneva  4/28/2007
Lena is also short form of Mahulena.
Maggie_Simpson  12/21/2007
My mom sometimes calls me Lena, pronounced LAY-na, because my full first name is Marlena. I'm known to everyone as Marley, though.
lenaxo  1/10/2009
Pronounced leen-ah it's a diminutive of the English Shailena (variant of Shailene and Shaelyn).
OttilieMaisie  4/3/2015
Can also be an Arabic name [LEE-na] meaning "young palm tree" literally and "soft and delicate" figuratively.
nargles  7/15/2017

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