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"Lin" can also refer to the Chinese name “霖", which means "timely rain" and pronounced [lín] in Chinese.
(I'm Chinese and this is part of my name).
qwertytewq  2/10/2018
It is said that the emperor of China gave this surname to a commoner out of gratitude. He was given this surname because he lived in hiding in the forest for five years.
tillia  5/6/2009
The character "林" with two trees actually means a grove or a copse. (A single tree is "木") If you looked up "forest" in a Chinese dictionary, the character you would get is "森" with three trees. 木, 林, 森. Tree, grove, forest.
Dray  5/18/2008
Yes, it can be a variant of Lynn, usually. It can also be a nickname for Linzee, Lindsay, Lindsey, Linda, and so on. It's very beautiful. I'm going to name my daughter in the future Linzee, nickname Lin.
JoeyForever  2/11/2007

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