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Linza is from the old Roman Latin Lentia. The ending A has nothing to do with it being female. It is Italian of Roman origin.
― Anonymous User  11/3/2015
I am a historian on the surname and the family. Linza is not female nor of Germaninc origin. Linza is masculine of Ancient Roman origin. The "a" ending in Latin as in Italian does not necessarily denote female form. Linza as Lentia is the basis for Linz, Austria, which was founded by the Romans as Lentia.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2015
Linza is masculine and related to the ancient Roman Lentia (reference the history of Linz, Austria.)
Dude  2/17/2015
Roman. Masculine. Latin, from Lentia.
― Anonymous User  7/4/2011

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