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By the way, it is also Hebrew for "light." Being the feminine form of Lior, which is also "light." That really makes it deLIGHTful and enLIGHTening. :)
Loni_maryrose  6/13/2007
Liora is actually made of two Hebrew words: "Lee" (=to me/mine) and "Or" (=light). The ending "ah" is often used in Hebrew names to make them feminine (as in "Daniela" or "Michaela"), though the form "Lior" is also used for girls (in Israel anyway). So it means not just "light" but "my light".
Evelyn---  8/1/2008
Sometimes spelled Leora. The name is virtually synonymous in meaning with Orli - also popular in Israel.
Jonquil  4/29/2009

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