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Most likely origin of the name is out of the bible, of course, after Saint Lucas. However the name Lucas didn't come around until the Christian Era and was most likely a derivative from the name Lucanus, which was common in earlier inscriptions.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2005
Lucas is the oldest form of Luke and was used in eleventh century England well before Luke became commonly used as a first name. It eventually became an English surname for the descendants of a man named Lucas, just as many classic names have become over time.
Fionafabulous  12/29/2007
According to a few sources, the name Lucas was definitely in reference to the Lucani and Lucania, which was Greek in origin. The name either came from a Greek word that meant "wolf," which was a totemic animal used by tribes, or the name came from the Latin word lucus, which meant something along the lines of "sacred wood." The name later became associated with names such as Lucian, which means "light."
bellehime  10/10/2010
Meaning "light", "bright" or "bringer of light", often associated with the bible name "Luke".
From the Latin name "Lucas", which means man from Luciania. Luciania is a place in southern Italy with the ancient meaning of "shining".
Fuggled  4/15/2018

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