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In a Polish fantasy book by Sapkowski one of the characters is called Merigold. I like the name.
ania24  3/28/2006
Winston Churchill had a daughter named Marigold who died very young (1918-1921). His youngest child, another girl, was named Mary, which I find a bit strange.
Anneza  8/28/2007
Magic for Marigold is a young adult novel by L. M. Montgomery, the author of the Anne of Green Gables series.
CoriNicole12  11/13/2008
Marigold is such a cute name. In the book, Once Upon a Marigold, by Jean Ferris, Princess Marigold is one of the main characters. The book is followed by the sequel, Twice Upon a Marigold.
Laytonmobile  6/5/2009
Marigold is the name of Sam's younger sister in the Lord of the Rings books. She is married to the older brother of Sam's wife Rosie.
Buneary  3/24/2015
The PBS series Downton Abbey added a character named Marigold last season - the illegitimate daughter of Lady Edith.
elizabeth hamlet  8/28/2015

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