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Angelina Jolie's daughter is Zahara Marley.
KtB_DoReMi  1/16/2006
Marley Shelton is an actress. She's been in movies like Pleasantville, Never Been Kissed, and Sin City.
innamorato87  12/11/2006
The second thing that I think of, after Bob Marley, is Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge's business partner. I still really like the name though!
khaotickharma  12/27/2006
Marley is the name of Will Smith's character's daughter in the film "I Am Legend". He is a huge Bob Marley fan.
Isla  1/5/2008
Marley the dog was named after Bob Marley. Just thought that was worth saying.
Eievie  12/12/2013
I named my daughter Marley after the famous deaf actress Marlee Matlin who was the staring role for "Children of a lesser God" with William Hurt. She wrote in her book about her life and admitted they had a torrid love affair during production. She won the academy award for her role.
loriroach  12/4/2014

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