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Maxwell is the tall brown hamster from Hamtaro. He loves reading books.
Buneary  4/28/2018
Maxwell Holt is an American volleyball player, bronze medalist at Rio 2016.
Dadazia  9/25/2016
For all the nerds out there, Maxwell has a few interesting connections to video games.

Milla Maxwell is the central female character of the 2013 JRPG Tales of Xillia and its 2014 sequel Tales of Xillia 2. Maxwell also appears in other installments of the Tales of series as a spirit who can be summoned in battle.

In the 2014 RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition, if the player chooses to play as a male human, his default name will be Maxwell Trevelyan.

Maxwell is also the main character of the 2009 puzzle game Scribblenauts and its various sequels. He is known for his red "rooster hat".
jbr1234  9/1/2015
Maxwell Carson (also known as Matsuno Kuusuke) is a character in Inazuma Eleven.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2014
Maxwell Dupain (1911-1992) was an Australian photographer.
Oohvintage  9/2/2013
Maxwell "Max" Roach (1924-2007) was an influential African-American jazz percussionist and composer. He was associated with many famous African American jazz artists of his time, like Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Charlie Parker.
― Anonymous User  8/2/2013
Lance Armstrong has a son named Maxwell Edward. Max has a brother named Luke and three sisters: Isabelle, Grace, and Olivia.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2013
Jessica Simpson named her DAUGHTER "Maxwell Drew Johnson."
― Anonymous User  5/26/2013
Maxwell Perry Cotton (born 2000 in San Diego, California) is an American child actor.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2012
Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade (born 27 August 1981), is commonly known as Maxwell. He is a Brazilian footballer who currently plays for Spanish La Liga club FC Barcelona.
6diablesse6  1/28/2011
This is the name of my favorite brand of coffee.
AmericaSpainGermany  8/26/2010
Maxwell is a brand of coffee.
Mama1  7/28/2006
Maxwell was the name of the king of the summon spirits in the popular video game "Tales of Phantasia".
ArtemisTheHunter  7/3/2006
Maxwell is the first name of Corporal Klinger on the old American programme M*A*S*H. His full name was Maxwell Q. Klinger.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2006
Maxwell was the name of Mr. Sheffield on the sitcom The Nanny.
― Anonymous User  1/4/2006
Brad Garrett and his wife Jill Diven have a son named Maxwell Bradley Garrett (born October 14, 1998).
AndrewJKD  1/3/2006
Maxwell Smart was the name of the clumsy secret agent in the T.V. show "Get Smart."
breakofday  12/16/2005
This name is used in the Beatles song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer," about a man named Maxwell who goes around killing people with his silver hammer.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  11/3/2005

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