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Miloslav Mečíř (1964), tennis player
Miloslav Kabeláč (1908–1979), composer and conductor
Miloslav Vlk (1932), cardinal
Miloslav Hořava (1961), hockey player
Miloslav Šimek (1940–2004), actor
Miloslav Gureň (1976), firefighter
Miloslav Ištvan (1928-1990), composer
Miloslav Schmidt (1881-1934)
Miloslav Rechcigl, Sr. (1902–1973), politician, miller, business executive and editor for Radio Svobodná Evropa
Miloslav Valouch (1878-1952), physicist and mathematician
Ing. Miloslav Vlček (1961), politician
Miloslav Fleischmann (1886–1955), hockey player
Miloslav Konopka (1979), hammer thrower
Miloslav Kousal, hockey player
Jozef Miloslav Hurban (1817-1886), was a leader of the Slovak National Council and the Slovak Uprising in 1848/1849, a Slovak writer, journalist, politician, organizer of Slovak cultural life and a Protestant priest.
Miroslav Ransdorf (1953), politician
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