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Famous beare is child actress of the 1950´s and early 1960´s, Mimi Gibson.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2005
Mimi is Drew's arch-nemesis on The Drew Carey Show.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2005
Mimi is the name of one of the main characters in the musical RENT, and the opera it was based off, La Boheme.
Lyra Persephone  2/12/2006
In Puccini's opera, La Boheme, the character Mimi had Lucia as a given name rather than Maria.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  6/13/2006
There is an author named Mimi Latt.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2006
This is what Mariah Carey's mother called her as a nickname. Very cute, for a person OR a pet!
Taydbug112  12/17/2006
Lol. There was, or maybe still is, a cartoon called 'What About Mimi' and Mimi was the main character.
Surreal  1/7/2007
A famous bearer is Mimi Tachikawa from Digimon Adventure and Zero Two. She originated from Japan but moved to New York before Zero Two.
blackthorn93  2/13/2007
Madeleine "Mimi" Force, from the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz. I agree, you could use this nickname for almost any M name. My aunt's name is Miriam, and she goes by Mimi.
Luanna  1/25/2008
Mimi Usa is a character in the Japanese lolicon anime/manga series "Kodomo no Jikan".
Dianaisme12  10/25/2009
Mimi is the name of one of the waitresses in 'Allo 'Allo.
lia  11/30/2009
Miriam "Mimi" Wu is a character in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy. She is Lisbeth's friend, and a Swedish lesbian kickboxer.
Dawson  1/22/2011
Mimmy (or Mimi) White is the twin sister of Hello Kitty.
― Anonymous User  5/17/2014
Mimi is a fictional character who is a villain and a minion of Count Bleck in the video game Super Paper Mario.
― Anonymous User  5/17/2014
Mimi Keene, a British actress.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2014
Melody Damayo is a model, film director, and actress of Filipino descent best known as Mimi Miyagi. In 2011, Complex magazine ranked her at #12 in their list of “The Top 50 Hottest Asian Porn Stars of All Time”.
cutenose  5/17/2017

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