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I live in a area full of Russians, I've learnt it isn't a girls name. In my school (which is very good making it big) they're 4 Russian boys with this name and 1 girl but she's Anglo-Australian (I live in Melbourne.)
-- Koolgal  4/2/2007
Misha is only a masculine name in Russia, so how can 57% of the public ever think that it is a feminine name? If some poor girl will say there: "Hi, I'm Misha", most of people will think they heard wrong. Or simply that they've met a great joker.
-- ToveTer  6/19/2007
It seems to be fairly common in Germany too (I've seen it mostly as Mischa). But yeah, seeing it on girls sets my teeth on edge, too.
-- Pie  10/17/2007
In Russia it's only a masculine name! And it sounds too weird for a girl.
-- Ravynne  9/11/2009
This is a boy name. It's disgusting to think that people think it's a girl name. It's a boy name. I'm from Russia and this name is never used on a girl.
-- Katya  1/16/2011
Although it may horrify people of Russian origin, this name is nearly always used as a female name in English-speaking countries.

Much like the name Nikita.
-- keepitreal  1/21/2011
Misha is also commonly used in Georgia, where it is a diminutive of Mikheil. In Georgian, Misha is written as: მიშა.
-- Lucille  5/1/2013
I've heard Misha be used as a nickname for Michelle.
-- DaisyGraceBaker  6/18/2014
The usage of names underlies changes and ensures that new / modern names are created. Regardless if a Russian origin of Mischa is masculine and the nickname of Mikhail / Michael, why can Mischa not be a modern unisex name? BTW, there are also a lot of Arabic and Hebrew variants like Miesha or Myiesha. All of them are female names. I fell in love with the sound of Mischa and its spelling right away. It's a great unisex name and a beautiful one for women.
-- NiKaBe  7/1/2014
This thread about Mischa is hilarious! This exact site that you all subscribe to for knowledge and insight, by definition, lists Mischa as Masculine AND Feminine. The site guru who gather countless data points have resolved that question! What about the name Sasha? It's also Masculine in Russia- short for Alexander. But President Obama uses it for his daughter. Is that rocking your world? Get over it. Jessica Simpson just named her daughter MAXWELL DREW. Girls are named Ryan, Drew, Charlie, Elliot. I love character, I love sexy, I love mystery- I love Mischa for a girl.
-- ElizaJane  9/30/2015

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