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Also used in French. [noted -ed]
Valmont  11/15/2015
This name would be a perfect girl name.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2015
According to the Italian Wikipedia, this name is also used in Italy, in this form. Italian variants include Oscare, Oscarre, Oscher, and Oscardo, and masculine diminutives include Oscarino and Oscherino. The Italian feminine form is Oscara, with the diminutive Oscarina. The Italian name day is February 3, being associated with the 9th-century Saint Ansgar/Anskar/Anschar, Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen, who died on that day.
[noted -ed]
Randee15  7/21/2015
Also a French name. In France, Oscar is the name the students give to the skeletons in medical schools.
Marie-Amelie  11/13/2008
In CATALAN it is like in Spanish, but with an accent on the letter O: ÒSCAR.
― Anonymous User  4/12/2005

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