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The nice judge from American Idol, although I don't know her last name, oh well.
-- MusicRat  1/18/2006
Famous bearer is Paula Deen from the Food Network. And to help out MusicRat, the nice judge from American Idol is Paula Abdul.
-- Anonymous User  2/28/2006
Paula was the girl played by Debra Winger in the film 'An Officer And A Gentleman.'
-- Anonymous User  5/5/2006
Famous bearer is Paula Abdul.
-- bibi66  9/1/2006
Paula Spurr, a Christian music singer (who happens to be my best friend's mom), has this name.
-- tomboy  12/16/2006
Paula Mezga is a character in the TV show "Mezga Csalad" (Smolíkovi).
-- Karcoolka  5/13/2007
There is a singer, actress and model named Paula Mitrache who also goes by the name Haiducii (Romanian for "the outlaws" and yes it is PLURAL). Maybe you know the song Dragostea din Tei by O-zone. Haiducii released her own version in Romania six months after it was first released in Moldova by O-zone. Both groups have accused each other of taking it without permission and O-zone won in court. Haiducii currently lives in Rome.
-- Anonymous User  7/3/2007
Paula Fox is a writer. Unfortunately, she is the grandmother of Courtney Love.
-- bananarama  9/10/2008
Many years ago a young man appeared as a contestant on Groucho Marx's television show You Bet Your Life. It seems that his parents were hoping for a girl whom they would have named Paula. He was born instead and they named him Paula anyway! He seemed quite well adjusted.
-- Kosta  5/22/2009
Paula was another of Adolf Hitler's sisters.
-- Anonymous User  6/22/2010
Another bearer is singer Paula Cole (born 1968). She is famous for the Dawson's Creek theme song as well as the hit single "Where Have all the Cowboys Gone".
-- bananarama  2/13/2011
Paula Maxine Patton is an American actress.
-- Anonymous User  12/12/2011
Paula (1823-1833) was the daughter of King Pedro IV of Portugal and his wife Maria Leopoldine of Austria.
-- CarolinW  7/18/2012
Nancy Drew was renamed Paula in the Finnish books, although she's usually referred to as 'neiti Etsivä' (miss Detective).
Similarly, Georgina/"George" from the Famous Five is known as Paula/"Pauli" in Finnish.
-- Anonymous User  10/26/2013
This name always reminds me of the Super Nintendo role playing game Earthbound for some reason, being the nerd that I am. Paula Polestar is the first person to join Ness and is a potent psychic. She also is key to beating the final boss. I also just like this name.
-- Anonymous User  11/25/2015
Paula Fernandes de Souza is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and arranger. In a poll organized among readers of VIP magazine in 2011, she was named the 16th "sexiest woman in the world."
-- cutenose  5/31/2016
Paula Maxine Patton is an American actress. Patton made her film debut in the 2005 comedy film Hitch and starred in the epic fantasy film Warcraft, based on the game series of the same name. Patton has also been the female lead in Déjà Vu, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and 2 Guns, she also appeared in the critically successful Precious.
-- cutenose  2/25/2017

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