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I haven't read through all comments, but whoever said that Petra IS feminine for Petro is correct. And it DOES mean stone or rock...
PanagiotiDLekas  4/10/2015
I just want to add that the name Petra is used in Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia (in fact, it is a very common Croatian catholic name, also with the male version Petar). Its origin is from Greek form 'petros' that means rock or stone and the Latin version is 'Petra' or even 'petrus' where the meaning stays the same. My name is Petra. :)
Elerrina  7/28/2009
Petra means "rock, stone" in Greek. Also, Petra is an ancient city in Jordan - it is called that way because living spaces, along with tombs, are cut in the rocks.
jas_mar  8/28/2008
Petra is not the feminine form of Peter. It's short for Cleopetra, my friend has that name and if you type in Petra in all the other websites the same thing will come up.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2007

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