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Even though I am aware that Quinn is a male name in Ireland and a unisex name in America, I personally know four girls named Quinn, all aged 14-15, and I know of two more aged 17-18 or so. I have never met a male Quinn in my life, so I will always have the impression that Quinn is more of a feminine name.
averyleddy  4/24/2018
Sorry to break it to the people who think Quinn is a boy's name, but actually it started as a surname which means it can therefore be used for either gender.
irish_lassy1979  12/17/2016
This name comes from the surname O'Cuinn, in Irish. Cuinn is the vocative case of Conn, and Conn was a man. So sorry "irish" poster above me and all those who think just because it's a surname it can be a girl's name too, it is a man's name. Don't argue with someone who can speak Irish.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2017
QUINN is a boy's name. My son's name is Quinn. We are Irish. When my husband and I were looking for names for our son we looked up male Celtic names. Never once was Quinn ever used as a female anything. I think it's wrong when people take a strong male name and use it for girls; it just makes me nuts. We watched the show sliders with Jerry O'Connell playing the main character Quinn Malerie. We thought then that was a good strong Celtic name for a BOY. We remembered this when we named our son. Why the people who keep making female characters on TV shows and name them Quinn is just stupid. Way to kill a strong male name. Stupid fads with girls being named a boy's name has just got to stop. THERE ARE SO MANY GIRLS NAMES ALREADY AND SO FEW GOOD NAMES FOR BOY'S. GIVE US BACK OUR STRONG MALE NAMES AND GO USE A FEMALE NAME- YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO CHOOSE FROM!
Quinnboyoboy  2/9/2016
I think it can be used as either a boy or girl name. I am naming my girl Quinn. Quinn was the maiden name of my great grandmother. It's funny how people strongly hate Quinn for a girls name. My name is Ashley and when I was younger in the dictionary it said a boys name. My dad has a girls name.
Crazyhairstylist03  12/1/2015
This is a boy's name. I am so sick of people using boys names for girls. There are plenty of girl's names for girls. Use one of them instead of shortening the pool for parents expecting a boy. Quinn is not a girl's name. It sounds ridiculous on a girl. Trendy now but won't hold the test of time. Give it up already.
― Anonymous User  9/22/2014
Many families have the tradition of naming their fifth child Quinn. At least, all of the families I know who have at lest five children named the fifth Quinn, just because it sounds like quint, or five.
― Anonymous User  3/2/2011

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