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Someone mentioned Rachel sounds like "rage hell" which made me bust out laughing and give myself an awesome username. As a Rachel, I have never heard anyone pronounce the "chel" part of my name to rhyme with hell. It is possible that certain accents might pronounce it that way.
RageHell_likeaRachel  11/21/2017
This is also the Dutch spelling of the name and it is traditionally pronounced RHAW-khəl, though these days people often use the English or French pronunciation because the Dutch one is so awful. [noted -ed]
renee06  9/28/2011
This name is also used in the Netherlands, but the pronunciation is hard to explain. I guess it's a bit like "rah-GHEL", but with a very guttural gh sound. Almost like a growl, a sound that is common in the Dutch language but few English-speaking people can properly pronounce.
emmiix3  3/20/2009
Czech, German and Slovak pronunciation "rah-chel" with ´ch´ like Bach.
Karcoolka  2/26/2008
In another languages pronounce like "rah-khel".
Maggie_Simpson  1/29/2008
Pronounced as "Ra-KHEL".
Maggie_Simpson  10/9/2007
Er. No it isn't. That's Raquel.
Katheros  11/16/2007

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