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The listed pronunciation is basically ROSE-Mary. The upside down e is a long a, like in air or Mary. This name is absolutely beautiful, as are nearly all the ros- names :) theres quite a few nicknames too, like ro, rose, Rosie, or Mary. I like it as Rosemary or Rose with the middle name Mary, or even Rose-Mary. Whatever floats your boat =P I just really wish this name would become more popular along with the other ros- names!
― Anonymous User  6/18/2013
It's pronounced ROZ-mer-ee.
Wouldnt_it_be_nice  3/29/2012
Well, this is weird. I'm not entirely sure what the listed pronunciation means... It looks like Rose-Marie. Marie being mə-REE (at least where I'm from) and Mary being MER-ee, it seems like this name should have two places of emphasis or something like that. I've always pronounced Rosemary, ROZ MER-ee. Like Rose Mary, but without a pause.
Meapergirl  10/22/2011

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