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This will be my daughter's name (due Jan. 07) if we have a girl. I pronounce it sair-sha and I have had the pronunciation confirmed correct by Gaelic and Irish citizens. Seer-sha is also a correct pronunciation. According to the Irish I have spoken to about the name it is a difference of dialect, of which there are many in Ireland. I believe the pronunciation sair-sha is more from the Munster/South Ireland dialects and seer-sha is more from the North. Beautiful name and though it may be difficult for Americans to understand and pronounce I love it too much to not use it for my daughter someday.
-- marissa85  6/22/2006
I used to correspond with an Irish friend who bore this name. She also pronounced it SAIR-sha. I love that pronunciation.
-- Anonymous User  7/27/2006
I used to know a little child called Saoirse. She pronounced it very nicely as, well, I can't write it in phonetic English, but phonetic Irish is easier.


Saoir as in the first syllable of Sarah, and sa as in yes in Irish (which is pronounced 'sha').
-- GarbageGuy  5/11/2008
I pronounce it sairsha as my family are from Carlow in the Midlands of Ireland. I know people pronounce it seersha further north, and that it's used as a boys name too. I don't mind that people struggle to pronounce it, I like having an unusual, meaningful name, and it's an ice-breaker.
-- saoirse86  7/3/2009
Saoirse is typically pronounced SEER-sha in Northern Ireland, but SAIR-sha in Southern Ireland. It's all a matter of dialect.
-- Dessa  10/6/2009
In an interview on George Lopez's talk show, actress Saoirse Ronan said that it's pronounced "'SIR-sha', like 'inertia'". Probably just another regional variation on that particular vowel sound.
-- Anonymous User  2/17/2010
Saoirse is pronounced in 1 syllable. You need to hear it to get it. As the a is neither long or short going by English--
Forget about the o and i.
-- Saoirse_1  4/17/2010
I'm from Ireland and Saoirse can be pronounced:
Hope I've helped :)
-- dizzydoll  7/17/2011
I've heard this name pronounced; SEER-sha, SAIR-sha, SER-sha and SOR-sha.
-- Anonymous User  9/6/2011
-- LMS  5/16/2016

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