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Pronounced Sea-La.
― Anonymous User  8/2/2006
It is pronounced Say-la. It is a Christian musical group, but in the book of Psalms it is meant to be an indicator for the reader to stop and weigh what was just said and think on it. Pause and reflect. I've never heard it described anywhere as an American Indian name (and I've done some research on this since this is my daughters name). This beautiful name gives an instant indicator as to how versed a person is. It also gives an awesome opportunity to evangalize your faith. I get really irritated when people pronounce it SEE-la.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2007
According to the Webster's Dictionary and, it's pronounced SEE-lah.
Aqua  5/12/2007
The Hebrew (that is, the original) pronunciation is seh-lah. SAY-lah and SEE-lah are both more recent Christian pronunciations.
cait  7/27/2007
My name is Selah and I pronounce it Sell-uh, as is the original Hebrew way.
theREALselah  10/10/2008
Alright this conversation was interesting me, But my name is Selah. I pronounce it SEE-lah. I did a lot of research on it when my dad told me it was in the bible. It says the definition of it is "Amen" or "the ending to a passage or prayer".
selahwelah  11/25/2009
My name is Selah and the proper pronunciation is actually SAY LAH.
Cowgirlsavvy98  11/6/2016
Pronunciation break down of the word Selah ("Sel-ah"~{~sell-ah~})

Selah is the description of a person's character and the personality traits of an individual, and is another variation of a person to be named Sarah... According to old Hebrew Original Testament of the Bible KJV of crowned UK.
AyeSarita  11/21/2016
My second name is Selah and it's pronounced as Seh-lah. Guess what? My first name is...

It's Praise. Haha! I know some may say it's tacky but so far, everyone I've met tells me that they love it. So... Thank you, Parents! ^_^
sunnysnook77  7/4/2017

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